A photomosaic approach developed by Dr Jon James ( in collaboration with Sea Trust Wales (

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This website explores the use of photomosaics in habitat monitoring (recording and counting of species) and in the provision of resources for education and public out-reach.

The possible benefits of this approach are seen to be:

1. The combination of both detail and the broader context within a single image, for species monitoring and recording.

2. The provision of an immersive experience in which, for example, a rockpool can be 'explored' by the public, rather just passively viewed.


1. My son, Laurie James ( for oversight and technical help and advice.

2. The staff of the wildlife charity 'SEA TRUST WALES' ( for encouragement and ongoing collaboration.

3. The developers of the three, open source software packages on which this website is based:

i. 'Hugin - Panorama photo-stitcher' (

ii. 'Deepzoom tools' (

iii. 'OpenSeadragon - An open-source, web-based viewer for high-resolution zoomable images' (

4. 'The Rock Pool Project' ( and their local coordinator Bill Dixon for introducing me to surveying.

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